Are you targeting a French audience?

Then, you need a native French copywriter!

Let's adapt your writing brand image to your French audience!
Let's find the right tone of voice and French expressions in order to get the results you want!

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Your company, your universe
We won't translate, we'll adapt.

Your writing Brand image has become a strategic tool in nowadays web environment: it enables you to develop and keep your customers.

You already know that. You also know that you don’t need pure translation to communicate on your concept & your company to your French audience. All you need is (apart from love) ADAPTATION.

Using the right French expressions at the right moment. Talking exactly the same way as your audience in order to be closer to it.

As a native French copywriter, I can do that for you, especially because I can thoroughly understand you, your concept and your company.

You are different.

Let’s prove it.

Your company is unique. You know that. What about your customers? The way you communicate must be identifiable and coherent.
Your company is amazing! My job is to tell everyone!


Your Personality

Is the way you communicate to your French audience an accurate image of your company? Is the way you write in French identifiable and attractive to your French audience?


Your voice

What tone of voice do you use to talk to your French customers? Are you using specific vocabulary? Is your voice identifiable?


Your story, Your values

Your French audience needs to know your story and to endorse your company’s values in order to feel part of your community.

Create a written French universe.

Invest on the LONG RUN.


You create bonds with your French audience
by talking its language. You’re building
your French customers’ loyalty


Your communication tools are coherent.
You speak with ONE voice to your customers.


Your voice is unique & identifiable.
Your DNA & your values show in the way
you communicate to your French audience.

Let's work together on your

French written identity

Your French identity guidelines

Basics rules to follow when you communicate to your French target according to its characteristics. The writing "do's" and "don'ts" according to your audience and your offer.

Your corporate French dictionary

The list of terms you should and should not use according to your French audience, your offer and your company's philosophy.

Your voice

Your written communication tone and rhythm.
We will find together the right adjectives that correspond to your brand image.

A few examples of communication materials

I can write or adapt in French for you

Your communication tools
  • Web pages
  • Web or paper articles
  • Newsletters
  • Flyers
  • Brochures…etc.
Your corporate documents
  • Corporate presentation
  • Training booklet
  • Restaurant’s menu…etc.