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Are you targeting a French audience?

Then you need to work with a native French copywriter

Let's adapt your writing brand image to your French audience

Let's find the right tone of voice and French expressions in order to get the results you want

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Your company is unique. But do your French customers? The way you communicate must be identifiable and coherent. To be credible with your French clients, your French must be flawless. As a French language expert and native French copywriter, I can help you.


Your personality

Is the way you communicate to your French audience an accurate reflection of your company? Does your French writing attract your French audience? Can they identify with it?


Your voice

What tone of voice do you use to talk to your French customers? Are you using specific vocabulary? Do you sound French?


Your story, your values

Your French audience needs to know your story and to endorse your company’s values in order to feel part of your community.

Trust a native French copywriter to catch your French audience’s attention.

Invest on quality. Think of the long run.

French people will reject any writing that does not sound authentically French. Only a native French-speaker can give your message that authenticity. Three main things should be kept in mind when trying to communicate efficiently with French people: their exceptional pride in their beautiful language, their instinct for smelling bad French, and their contempt for whoever produced that bad French. However well-intentioned your French is, French people are likely to reject it if it sounds inauthentic. I can save you from that, giving your message the authentic French touch.


You create bonds with your French audience
by talking their language. You’re building
your French customers’ loyalty.


Your communication tools (website, flyers, etc.) are coherent.
You speak with one voice to your customers.


Your voice is unique & identifiable.
Your DNA & your values show in the way
you communicate to your French audience.

"'Flawless' - That is how I would describe Charline's work! She is a gifted French copywriter, who has the rare ability of easily grasping her clients' requests and needs. I was especially impressed by her follow-up and how smooth the process of working with her was. She provided us with high quality French translations and copywriting that definitely earn her a 5* rating!

Élie WehbeCommunication & Senior Press Officer at Byblos Bank

Your communication tools
  • Web pages
  • Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
Your corporate documents
  • Corporate presentations
  • Training booklets
  • Restaurant’s menus.